My Tips To Get Better at Golf Clash

Golf Clash is a game for mobile devices that is of course all about golfing. Now granted its not as broad as some games because you don’t actually have an avatar seen playing the game. Regardless, the game is fun to play but can be complicated in some cases. Don’t worry though because if you get to read forward we will be giving you some tips to get better at Golf Clash but maybe not that you would need to. First thing that you can do or practice on is estimating the power or force that you need to apply on your strokes. Too much power is good usually when you’re just starting to drive the golf ball first, you can check this golf clash cheats to find out more. 

Power Estimation

What follows next is that you should estimate the amount of power that you will need to have to drive the ball to the hole. Going for too much power is not always good as you might drive the ball farther than where the hole is. Finding the right force is good, now you need to practice your accuracy. When we say accuracy is that before you hit the ball, you will swipe back to adjust the force. When you release the ball you need to sync up the arrow to the middle to launch a perfect shot. Now the thing is that the more power you need the faster the arrow will move so it will be harder to sync it hence this is where the practicing comes in.

Wind DIrection

Aside from driving the ball, you need to then master the art of putting. Putting is much more slow paced but you still need to be accurate with your shots to make them count as such. In putting, just practice your accuracy for better precision. Don’t forget about the elevation of the putting green that you need to take into consideration. Now that we’re done with the basics of Golf Clash, here are some advanced tips or sort of like it. Make sure as well to take a good look at the wind direction and wind force. That way you can get a clue on where to launch your ball and where they will land.

Ball Adjustment

You can use the wind to your advantage to get the ball farther than it should be which is nice. Wind aside, another thing you can do is the golf ball. We’re not telling you to change the golf ball but hit it in a certain direction. Adjust the ball to where you hit it from the right or left. This allows the ball to curve in that direction which is good in case you want to avoid hitting obstacles like trees that are blocking your way. Then finally don’t forget to get the free things that Golf Clash will give you. Just like hourly rewards for coins that you can claim. These are free like the game so just collect them to help you unlock more stuff.